Choosing the Right Material for Your Outdoor Furniture

7 July 2017
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Whether it's a simple bench or a large table and chairs with plenty of room for entertaining your extended family, garden furniture lets you enjoy the outdoor areas of your home in comfort. It's essential equipment for all your warm-weather gatherings, but also gives you a space to enjoy quiet afternoons in the garden. Choosing outdoor furniture comes down to a few different factors, the most important of which is the material it's made from. Read More 

Handy Tips for Furnishing Your Child’s Bedroom

26 May 2017
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Decorating your child's bedroom can be an exciting experience. This project is quite sentimental, as it marks your child's growth, and you may be tempted to make it as personalised as possible. However, one thing to note about decorating children's rooms is that what they may like now is not necessarily what they will be interested in as they get older. Thus, you need to furnish and style their room with this in mind. Read More 

Care and Maintenance Tips for Cane and Wicker Furniture

21 March 2017
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Cane and wicker furniture are popular choices for any outdoor space, as these materials are comfortable and typically very affordable. They also don't hold heat as does metal furniture, so they're good for areas with lots of direct sunlight. However, cane and wicker can be a bit delicate and may begin to sag or crack over time; note a few care and maintenance tips for these pieces so you can avoid this as much as possible, and keep them in good repair. Read More 

Choosing ways to use bamboo around your new home

14 March 2017
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Bamboo is not used extensively as a building material in Australia but is extremely popular in nearby South East Asia as it has some enviable attributes including high tensile strength, high flexibility (which is useful in earthquake prone regions) and the ability to grow quickly when looking to generate new structures. Here are some ways that you can look at using bamboo around your home.  Furniture Bamboo is a popular choice for outdoor furniture. Read More 

Finding The Perfect Colour Schemes To Complement Your Teak Furniture

23 March 2015
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Whether you love antique teak furniture or brand new designs, you want to highlight the beauty of your furniture. By choosing the right colour scheme for pillows, cushions, walls and other wood elements, you help your teak furniture to look amazing. Here are some colour schemes and ideas to consider: 1. Teal, Mustard Yellow And Teak If you are looking for a fun contemporary colour scheme to coordinate with your teak furnishings, consider mustard yellow and teal. Read More